Stephen Jurman, Attorney at Law

Real Estate Lawyer Servicing Pittsburgh and Western PA.

lawyer stephen jurman with real estate clientExperienced real estate attorney Stephen Jurman has been providing services for commercial and residential property transactions through out Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania for over 35 years.  Our office is a little over 20 minutes from down town; located in Moon Township.

No matter how complex or simple your realty matter, our law firm can navigate the way for all of your land and residential issues.  This includes home Allegheny County assessment matters as well as Beaver, Washington and Butler Counties.

In fact, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to reduce a considerable amount of assessments over the years.

We can also help with home and land purchases, sales, leasing, rent to own properties, disputes including landlord and tenant issues including section 8, etc.

Any decision involving property means you’re making a tremendous investment and potentially a life-changing decision, and this of course, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We’ll make sure that whatever business dealing you are undertaking, goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Experience and Accomplishments

  • Hundreds of real estate closings over a thirty seven year span.
  • Negotiated and closed multi-billion dollar purchases and sales of retail, office and residential in both downtown and suburban Pittsburgh.
  • Concluded multi-million dollar mortgages and refinances.
  • Successfully litigated zoning issues into the lower and appellate courts.
  • Challenged many real property assessments, resulting in thousands of dollars of tax savings to clients.

Why You Need an Attorney?

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, and your business dealings involve commercial property or residential, trying to handle realty deals on your own is not recommended.  You can easily find yourself faced with some very complex obstacles.

There are a number of matters at-hand in any real estate transaction including property disclosures, contract drafting and questions, financing and property inspections, many of which not even a real estate broker is equipped to handle alone.

How We Can Help

While Stephen Jurman’s expertise in the field of Pennsylvania real estate law is broad, here are just a few areas that we can assist you with regards to property matters:

  • Litigations and disputes: There are a number of instances that can lead to litigation or disputes in real estate. Perhaps you’re a landlord experiencing a dispute with a tenant, or maybe a transaction fell through.
  • Residential sales: If you’re planning to purchase a home or residential property, you may be doing it without a licensed broker. Jurman Law can help guide you through the required documents, from agreement to closing, and ensure that all legal standards and regulations are met.
  • Commercial transactions: Whether you’re buying, selling or even developing commercial properties, there can be immense complexities involved in the situation, such as zoning and planning codes and restrictions, which require legal counsel.

More specific areas of interest include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Zoning for commercial development
  • Short sales and foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Tax questions surrounding property exchanges

We Simplify The Process

Regardless of what real estate issue or challenge you’re facing, we will work with you to make the process as easy as possible and ensure desired results.

Stephen Jurman has been practicing law for decades, and has a deep-rooted understanding of the complexities surrounding real estate law in PA.

Whether you are simply seeking advice on a contract before buying your first home, or you have a boundary dispute, we will take a client-centric approach every step of the way.

Additionally, you’ll always understand the entire process and each action being taken, and how it affects you, to allow you to make informed decisions about your real estate transaction, your corporate and personal business dealings and your future.

You’ll receive counsel that’s efficient, saving you both time and money and ensuring your real estate dispute or transaction doesn’t derail your life or your investment.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help.  We can be reached at 412-262-2575.